"... a must-have app for Cocoa developers"

- mmalcolm crawford tips

 "... totally freakin’ awesome! "

- bill bumgarner blog

“... any Cocoa or Cocoa Touch developer who doesn’t own it
should have his or her head examined! "

-Jeff LaMarche

“... if you write Cocoa code, you need this”
- Matt Drance Bookhouse


 "... Accessorizer’s Action Menu is a stroke of brilliance! "

-Andy Lee blog

Write your own client app or script to talk to Accessorizer via Distributed Objects  

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Objectify, the must-have JSON tool from TigerBears, leverages Accessorizer code generation via Accessorizer’s Distributed Objects server.

Celebrating 14 years!  2002-2016

Accessorizer is Xcode's No.1 companion and a huge time-saver. With more than 40 code generation actions featuring flexible coding styles, Accessorizer enables you to develop and deliver your iOS and Mac OS X applications much faster and with fewer mistakes.  With Accessorizer, you can now focus on the more creative and rewarding aspects of writing your award-winning iOS or Mac OS X app!

The new Accessorizer introduces two powerful interfaces that seamlessly integrate with Xcode. Now, more than ever, you can remain focused on your source with virtually no switching between Xcode and Accessorizer.  Learn more...

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Msc OS X 10.6+

IMPORTANT!    macOS Sierra does not allow unidentified (non-cert) apps to install.  If you need to run on Sierra, I recommend you grab Accessorizer from the Mac App Store.