Accessorizer Help


Accessorizer is Xcode's No.1 companion and a huge time-saver. With dozens of code generation actions featuring flexible coding styles, Accessorizer enables you to develop and deliver your iOS and Mac OS X applications much faster and with fewer mistakes.  Using Accessorizer, you can now focus on the more creative and rewarding aspects of writing your award-winning iOS or Mac OS X app!

While you can work with Accessorizer in the main interface, it is more efficient to leverage Mac OS X Services allowing you to work seamlessly with Xcode and never leave your workspace.  In fact, you can work in Xcode full screen mode and never have to touch or view Accessorizer’s main interface as Accessorizer provides instant code generation services behind the scenes.

To get started, and to take full advantage of Accessorizer’s seamless integration with Xcode, it’s important to do some preliminary setup described on the Setup help page.