Quick Video demo

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Steps shown in video (see Setup for initial settings that allow the following)

// create properties for ivars

1) Select ivars and invoke Accessorizer Action Panel service via  shift-opt-cmd-0  (NOTE: you can assign this to whatever shortcut you want as long as Xcode is not using it)

2) move cursor and cmd-v to paste (since my default action for Accessorizer Action Panel service is "Declaration", the results are automatically generated and put on pasteboard

// create @synthesize, dealloc, viewDidUnload, keyed-archiving

1) move to implementation file and launch Action Menu via global hotkey (hardwired) set to:   shift-ctrl-cmd-0

2) type "2" (to select implementation from the Action Menu via the assigned keyboard shortcut)

3) launch Action Menu via shift-ctrl-cmd-0 

  1. 4)type "8" (to select Keyed-Archiving via the assigned keyboard shortcut)

// create init, initWith:, typedef enum, @selectors, delegate stubs, protocol stubs etc

All New!

Note: while the above video shows code generation based on ivar declarations, Accessorizer allows you to generate code off @property statements as well.  The demo shows just a few of the more than 35+ code generation actions available to you.  All Action Menu actions have keyboard assignments.


Msc OS X 10.6+