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New Features in Accessorier 3.0

ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) with option for zeroing or non-zeroing.

Note, you can still generate a -dealloc method.  It will not call super. 

It will handle CF pointer types with CFRelease(<ivar>) and will nil your delegates.

** be sure to update your configuration sets to honor the new switch if you use
       Configuration Sets.

Multiple ivars or properties declared on a single line - note format:
    NSString *name, *title;
    CGFloat a, b, c; 
            where the pointer is bound to the ivar with no space

Full Screen support for Xcode.  Action Menu has option to open under mouse and as status item. 
        Xcode Full Screen mode is now supported in both cases

Core Data Accessors action now available via Action Menu and Action Panel

It auto-detects for object vs scalar

Core Data To-Many Relationship action now available via
        Action Menu and Action Panel

Accessor action for will/did/access/change overrides now available via
        Action Menu and Action Panel

Create typedef enum block with optional switch case action, and options for setting
        values on enums, bitmask etc.

Restore Pasteboard.  There's a new switch and a slider for setting the delay time for
        restoration after auto inserting results at your editor's insertion point (either Xcode or TextMate).

  1. NSTimer detection, will invalidate in -dealloc under both ARC and NON-ARC

  1. Auto-insert of prefix/suffix for @property statements is now extended to place-holder
            (temporary) ivar declarations

Key-value separator for the Description for keys action

  1. All new help guide

Fixes and tweaks

• Accessorizer alerts you now for enabling access to assistive devices for Action Menu global hotkey

• Changed the Non-GCD Singleton code, you still have the GCD option

• Added ADBannerView to IBOutlet detection

• Fixed recent bug where a list of ivar declarations ending in a scalar would prevent objects from being
   generated for -dealloc method

• Fixed detection of Assign Delegates preference for keyed-archiving generation

• Fixed condition when Default Properties table was not primed

  1. Fixed dealloc of CF pointer types under certain Accessorizer dealloc settings

  2. Fixed CF*Ref types for property generation under ARC and NON-ARC

• Added missing newline when generating properties from the custom table

• Added a switch to toggle appending method sig when generating method stubs in Coding Styles ->
   Formatting panel -> Methods

** be sure to update your configuration sets to honor the new switch if you use
        Configuration Sets.

• Added #warning to unsupported types for keyed-archiving

• Fixed bug when ivar declaration list ends with scalar and the dealloc action is called

• Toggling key paths generation from main interface no long accidentally activates Xcode

• Removed unnecessary comma when omitting atomicity specifier in property declaration under a
   particular setting combination

• Fixed parser when sucking in commented-out property declarations

• Fixed minor bug in keyed-archiving under certain settings

• Fixed Constants for Properties when classname is absent

• Inserted newline in front of pragma marks

• Removed undesirable newline at end of properties generation

• Fixed @synthesize when dealing with array pointers such as  double **array_C;

• Fixed a bug when invoking a service on typedef enum { ... }

• Added #warning compiler directive for unsupported types in keyed-archiving

  1. Core Foundation objects no longer present warning in keyed-archiving

  2. Fixed bug where an @property statement following a commented line would not get parsed

  3. Fixed sorting on properties by name - results were not being put on pasteboard, they are now

  4. Fixed sorting on properties by type, then name - results were null

  5. NSLog() action no longer inserts results twice

  6. Fixed action menu statusItem issue when applying settings from configuration sets

  7. Fixed state of Detect NSCopying Switch in Configuration Sets

  8. KeyValidation code generation now uses place-holder tokens for receiver.

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What’s New in V 3.0

Celebrating 10 years!

All New!

What’s New in 3.0.1

  1. New action in Action Menu and Action Panel for intiWith: (declaration) generation.

  2. NSLog() can now be generated in accessor overrides from Action Menu and Action Panel

  3. Fixed missing pointer when generating initWith: method from the main Accessorizer interface.
    Generating from the Action Menu or Action Panel didn’t have the issue.

• Fixed missing quotes on <key> in will/did access/change wrappers in setter override when
   generating from Action Menu or Action Panel.

• Moved the -description override to follow -descriptionForKeyPaths: to avoid compiler warning.

  1. Removed extra space before semi-colon when generating Protocol Stubs from definitions.

  2. Removed extraneous pointer to id when last element in an initWith: signature was of type id.


Msc OS X 10.6+