Key Benefits

  1. Bullet    Develop and deliver your iOS and OS X apps much faster

  2. Bullet    Work in Xcode full screen and stay focused on work

  3. Bullet    Code with fewer mistakes

  4. Bullet    Remove tedium of writing boilerplate Cocoa and Cocoa Touch code

  5. Bullet    Fully Customizable

  6. Bullet    Configuration sets for export/import to comply with coding standards

  7. Bullet    Leverages Mac OS X Services for speed and Xcode integration

  8. Bullet    Learn best coding practices

  9. Bullet    Enjoy the more creative elements of coding for iOS and OS X

  10. Bullet    Stay focused in Xcode source while Accessorizer generates code

  11. Bullet    Quick access to code gen features via Action Menu ustatus item

  12. Bullet    Quick access to code gen features via floating Action Panel

Code Generation Features include

  1. Bullet    Easily toggle ARC On/Off

  2. Bullet    Intelligent code gen based on ivar TYPE or on @property declaration

  3. Bullet    Objective-C 2.0 properties & Objective-C 1.0 explicit accessors

  4. Bullet    Keyed-archiving for NSCopying protocol

  5. Bullet    - viewDidUnload {...} and auto-detection of view classes

  6. Bullet    - dealloc {...} with a broad range of options

  7. Bullet    Automatic insertion of IBOutlet keyword based on view detection

  8. Bullet    - init and initWith... methods

  9. Bullet    Constants for properties

  10. Bullet    Constants for strings

  11. Bullet    Getter overrides

  12. Bullet    Setter overrides

  13. Bullet    Description override

  14. Bullet    Singleton (both GCD and non-dispatch styles)

  15. Bullet    Smart handling of delegates

  16. Bullet    Collection classes and their plethora complex of accessor methods

  17. Bullet    - setNilValueForKey:

  18. Bullet    - will/did changeValueForKey:

  19. Bullet    KVO (Key Value Observation)

  20. Bullet    Key paths

  21. Bullet    Core Data accessors for persisting non-standard attribute types

  22. Bullet    Core Data To-Many Relationship accessors

  23. Bullet    Create typedef enum with options switch/case

  24. Bullet    Register with NSUndoManager

  25. Bullet    Locking

  26. Bullet    Key Validation

  27. Bullet    NSLog() for explicit accessors

  28. Bullet    convert method to @selector()

  29. Bullet    HeaderDoc for 1.0 accessors

  30. Bullet    Sorting of ivars, @property statemtents, dealloc and viewDidUnload

Coding style options

  1. Bullet    Custom ivar prefix and suffix

  2. Bullet    Custom argument prefix

  3. Bullet    Extensive customization for keyed-archiving

  4. Bullet    @property statement spacing

  5. Bullet    Method bracing and spacing

  6. Bullet    Header styles

  7. Bullet    Extensive #pragma mark support


© 2002-2012 Kevin Callahan


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