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Accessorizer Distributed Objects Client

Accessorizer Distributed Objects Client-Server

Accessorizer 2.9.3 introduces an updated DO (Distributed Objects) server
allowing you to access 28+ code generation features from within your own apps, services, scripts. 

Download Accessorizer Distributed Objects client .mov demo here 15.8MB

Accessorizer client app example: download  33k

The API is very simple as explained in the video demo.
Most of the 28 actions can be generated off the first method.

Check out the amazing and must have new app Objectify

by Bill Kunz

Objectify  “Give JSON. Receive Code. “
by Bill Kunz of TigerBears.com leverages Accessorizer code generation through Accessorizer’s Distributed Objects server.

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Msc OS X 10.6+