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V1.3 Reviewed by

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Spencer MacDonald

V1.3 Reviewed by

developer /author

John Fox  of  MemoryMiner

  1. Bullet    Bill Bumgarner, blog    "... totally freakin' awesome! "

  2. Bullet    Mike Krieger, co-founder Instagram    "...when I’m in Xcode, I always have Accessorizer  open alongside. It took my least favorite parts
                                                                             of writing Objective-C .... and made them  a one-click shortcut away."

  3. Bullet    Matt Drance Bookhouse    “... If you write Cocoa code, you need this”

  4. Bullet    mmalcolm Crawford, controllers    "... a must-have app for Cocoa developers"

  5. Bullet   Jeff LaMarche, author,  blog    “...Any Cocoa or Cocoa Touch developer who doesn’t own it should have his or her head examined! "

  6. Bullet   Kirby Turner, author,  blog    “...This app is awesome and does so much to make you more productive in Xcode. "

  7. Bullet   Mugunth Kumar,  MKWeb   “...Once you get it set and start using it, it is easily the best app any Xcoder can get! "

  8. Bullet   David Brown  blog    “...I cannot imagine writing ObjC code without Accessorizer/  At $5, it feels like stealing."

  9. Bullet    Brent Simmons, NetNewWire    "... Xcode’s awesome BFF ! "    

  10. Bullet    Scott Stevenson, Cocoa Dev Central    "... If you write code with Cocoa, you should be using this tool! "

  11. Bullet    Scott Anguish, Cocoa Programming    "... Accessorizer is cool! "

  12. Bullet    Patrick Burleson, BitBq    “...Accessorizer is a godsend!”

  13. Bullet    Adrian Kosmaczewski, Akosma     “...After Xcode, Accessorizer is the most important Cocoa dev tool.”

  14. Bullet    Justin Williams, CarpeAqua    “...Speaking of making development suck less... integrate Accessorizer !”

  15. Bullet    Larry Gerndt  Sr. Eng. Intuit    “...Indispensable . Easily the most important tool for writing Cocoa code other than Xcode itself.”                   

  16. Bullet    Troy Stephens, blog, Cocoa Bindings    "... use together with Cocoa Bindings for the fastest development experience ever!"

  17. Bullet    Michael Clark, Dir. of Eng. MarketCircle    "... GREAT app! It saves me tons of time!"

  18. Bullet    Code Poet Code Poetry    "... I can't praise Accessorizer enough.  it's amazingly small, and blazingly fast!  "

  19. Bullet    Hal Mueller, Owner MobileGeoGraphics    "... My favorite third-party Cocoa tool!  "

  20. Bullet    Andrei Freeman, Apolo Productions    "... I love this application, I do not write Cocoa code without it. Period!  "

  21. Bullet    Steven J Baughman,Parsons New School for Design    "... the wonderful and beautiful, Accessorizer. "

  22. Bullet    Dan Wood, (Watson), Karelia    "... I'm making serious use of Accessorizer, it rocks! "

  23. Bullet    Wincent Colaiuta, Wincent:Products    "...I've been able to mold it into a perfect match for my coding style/conventions"

  24. Bullet    Dr. Scott Steinman, Faculty at SCO:steinman    "... Accessorizer is amazing!  I can't imagine programming in Cocoa without it "

  25. Bullet    Cocoa Developer cocoa developer     "... Solidly one of the most useful dev apps ever! In a world where no two developers write code the same way,
                                                                        It's amazing to see a program that can be all styles for all coders!"

  26. Bullet    Andrea Gozzi , www.redmatica.com    "... Accessorizer is a fantastic tool!”   

  27. Bullet    Damian OSuilleabhain, CTO OS3    "... Playing with Kevin Callahan’s Accessorizer. Wow! Apple should give him a truckload of money and integrate it into Xcode. “

  28. Bullet    Steve Breen    “... Keyed-archiving without Accessorizer is like peeing on a forest fire.”

  29. Bullet    Douglass Turner,  Elastic Images Software    “... Write code for Mac/iPhone? Dude, stop what you are doing and get Accessorizer RIGHT NOW!”

  30. Bullet    Steve Gehrman , Path Finder CocoaTech     "...Accessorizer has changed the way I write code. All of my Cocoa Models are now uniform and bug free. 
                                                                                    Churning out Models by hand was the #1 problem facing the Cocoa engineer.
                                                                                    Accessorizer solves this problem brilliantly, and I have gained hours per day in increased productivity.
                                                                                    Accessorizer is a must-have utility for anyone writing Cocoa."

  31. Bullet  David HM Spector Mac Indie  “... Review:  Accessorizer, A Tool You Can’t Live Without!”

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