Methods Formatting


The Formatting section has 3 buttons which will open to the same panel, but to their respective TAB in the panel.

Methods TAB

In the top center of the panel, there’s a popup that allows you to define a header comment style that will appear above your methods.

Most of these options are for Objective-C 1.0 style explicit accessors or for when you are using Objective-C but want to override your setters and getters.  The brace options will apply to generated methods such as -dealloc {...} and viewDidUnload {...} etc., as well.

Pragma Marks formattingInDepth.htmlFormatting.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

HeaderDoc tags are currently supported only for 1.0 explicit accessors.  However, a full-fledged interface defining documentation tags for @properties and other code generation actions is being considered for a future update.

The Description for keys separator defines how you separate the resulting key-value pairs.

(See GeneratingKeyPaths page).